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The Scan DeFi project launched on August 19, 2021. Its focus is on combating fraudulent crypto projects by providing analysis tools and educational resources. Scan DeFi provides a platform to detect scams in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi), which is a fast-growing segment of the cryptocurrency industry that offers various financial services such as lending, borrowing, and trading without intermediaries.

Scan DeFi uses artificial intelligence and blockchain analysis to identify and flag potential frauds, such as rug pulls, exit scams, and phishing attacks. A platform to detect scams in the world of cryptocurrencies, the user will be able to report scammers and thus warn other users of the danger.

Scan DeFi

Scan DeFi is a platform focused on identifying and eliminating scams within the cryptocurrency space. It offers users the ability to report fraudulent activities, enabling others to steer clear of potential scams. Key features:

Scam Detection

Users can report scams, fostering a community-driven effort to warn others about fraudulent activities.

Comprehensive Analysis

It aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of cryptocurrencies, aiding in the identification and elimination of scams.

Real-time Data

Provides real-time charts, including trading volume and market cap data for Scan DeFi (SCAN), allowing users to stay updated on trends.

Price Information

Real-time price updates for SCAN against different currencies, assisting in making informed decisions.


The platform's code is available on GitHub, showcasing transparency and potentially allowing community contributions

Scan DeFi Whitepaper

Introducing Scan DeFi, a collective intelligence platform where users can report scams, risky projects, and other suspicious activities as well as warn others from repeat threats seeking new victims.

Backed by the SCAN token, the platform aligns incentives towards identifying not just simple scams but more complex and institutionalized fraud in trading, lending, tokenized arts, gambling and more.

You can view the official Scan DeFi whitepaper here. The whitepaper will be updated with new information as it becomes available, so make sure to follow our announcements on social media to stay up to date.

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The roadmap focuses first on building core scam detection and community reporting tools, then expanding to cover more crypto sectors, integrating more web3 security features, and eventually developing ML automation and connections with external stakeholders.


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The main purpose is to leverage community consensus to detect and warn about crypto scams or risky projects across various sectors like exchanges, ICOs, DeFi, NFTs, gaming, etc. By enabling users to identify, report and mitigate scams collectively, it aims to build greater trust.
The scanner and blacklist features allow users to manually submit crypto projects, smart contracts, NFT collections or any assets that appear fraudulent. Moderators verify submissions, upon which they get added to a dynamic blacklist that warns users from interacting or investing there.
The Battle section gamifies scam detection by allowing users to compete in identifying new scams or investigating submitted ones for rewards. Top monthly performers via a points system can earn prizes in SCAN tokens as well as NFT trophies.
Security is provided via features like rug-pull inspections of farms, automated contract auditing, watchdogs for complex investigations, as well as native protocols like Scanswap for secure swapping and Staking for protected staking.
The SCAN token enables voting on platform governance matters, rewarding accurate scam reports, discounted trading fees, higher yield on farms/pools, eligibility for giveaways as well as converting token balances into redeemable NFT badges reflecting contribution levels over time.
The Academy provides guides and tutorials for safely navigating domains like DeFi, NFTs, crypto gaming, etc. to educate users on security best practices from cryptography to threat monitoring, equipping the community to better detect emerging scams.
Beyond SCAN token incentives, top performers who demonstrate consistent accuracy and quality in their investigations, reports and warnings are given increased visibility, weighted voting power as well as appointments to oversight committees and special councils that govern security matters on Scan DeFi.
The marketplace enables collective due diligence on collections via crowd-sourced reviews analyzing traits like contract code, artist legitimacy, hidden layers revealing rarity tier distribution, minting transparency, promoter backgrounds and other fraud indicators before listing approval.
Yes, machine learning models trained on labeled scam data submissions will in time automate threat detection, recommendation of avoidance guidance as well as inform more complex investigations requiring nuance - complementing and enhancing manual community oversight.
Interoperability is planned via bridges and layers enabling Scan DeFi’s multi-chain support, allowing not just native scrutiny of Ethereum scams but also wider coverage of threats within ecosystems like BNB, Polygon, Avalanche etc.